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Today we've something truly special for ya misfits. As your local vintage dealer we're, among other things, now an official Taavi Mäkelä headgear stockist!


We've admired Taavi's work for a while now and it was an absolute pleasure to eventually meet the legend behind the crochet hats. It was sometime last December we were hanging in a boozer in Kallio and we met Taavi through our mutual friend. A true fanboy moment. It was amazing, we really hit it off and the night turned out to become long one. From that night on we've planned to do something together. And now finally sun's out and we're proud to present to you SS24 transcendental meditation bucket hats by Taavi Mäkelä now available at Black Spot Merch.

photo by Anton Battista

Taavi Mäkelä, aka The Mad Hatter, is a textile designer from Helsinki. Taavi has specialized in bold colored crocheted headgear from balaclavas to bucket hats.

Go give our mate Taavi a follow on social @tmbytaavi

Today onwards we’re proud to carry Taavi’s transcendental creations at BSM. A couple of his handmade bucket hats now exclusively available at Mechelininkatu 4. All unique and one even glows in the dark, how fucken awesome is that?!?


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