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Video and soundtrack by the one and only Jodi Wild

Summer is finally here and that means Tee weather around the clock. To supply you the number one summa Tee we've teamed up with our friend Joel "Scripta" Metsälampi, a tattoo magician from Turku. He has designed the amazing graphics for the BSM's summer 2021 L-KICK Tee. We sat down with Joel and talked about his work and life.

Age: 29

Hometown: Turku

How’s life?

Life is good man.

What have you been doing?

Been trying to take some time off from drawing and tattoos to enjoy the summer and go paint graffiti more. But still mostly drawing and tattoos... been doing my thing, I guess.

Tell me a bit about your background, how did you end up becoming a tattoo artist? What did you do before?

I have pretty strong graffiti background, which led me into tattooing. Two homeboys from our crew were doing tattoos before me, so I got it from them basically. Same guys also taught me how to paint walls. Can’t say how thankful I’m for those guys. Also, big shoutout to my wifey, she’s the one who’s been believing in me becoming tattoo artist and making a living out of my art. Before tattoos and graffiti, I was skateboarding a lot and working at my stepdad’s housebuilding company.

Talk to me about tattooing and why it’s important to you?

With tattooing I can express myself and be creative. It also gives me freedom and makes me feel proud with my life.

How do you balance pen and paper with digital?

I love working with paper and pen, and always will. It’s just the flow and feeling why I prefer paper and pen. I use iPad for cleaning up designs, like I did on this project.

Who or what are you inspired by at the moment?

Calligraphy and lettering art. My graffiti crew and all the artist I follow on Instagram

What are you most excited for?

Life in general

Who're the three people we should keep an eye out for in tattooing world?

Where did you get inspiration when you started designing the graphics for us?

Well, as you may recognize the ‘font’ on the back print, it’s taken from the original ‘Wild Style’ piece. I love the whole idea that they had and what they did with it, back in the day in New York. Bringing people together and expressing themselves through music, dancing, graffiti and all the other stuff. That shit was DOPE! So, I thought since we guys all dig that stuff, why not bring it into this project.

Lastly, if you weren’t working with ink and tattoo art, what direction would you be taking


Graffiti definitely or some tailoring would’ve been interesting.

Last words?

Shoutout to you guys first of all, it was fun doing this collabo with you. Also, shoutout to PIMS AND ALL GSOH CREW and last but not least shoutout to all my Family and friends.

L-KICK Tees, at the moment, exclusively available at the Flagship store.


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