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View from Black Spot Merch. HQ at Port Arthur, Turku


The story of Black Spot Merchandise began on a dark winter evening in Port Arthur, Turku. We, as usual, were indulging in the sweet flow of lager. It was one of those nights, you know, when you just want to grab a couple of brews with no intention of getting smashed.

After a healthy stream of beers, we found ourselves mumbling about clothes. We were frustrated about the lack of quality sustainable menswear alternatives in Finland. The absence of a presence for things we cherish and believe in drove us mad. So, we decided to create one for all the like-minded misfits; a common space with a pinch of rock n’ roll, yet still representing the well-known northern minimalism.

For us Rock n’ Roll is more than music. It’s a way of life, a state of being, an attitude. But we, like you, want to stand out. So, we look for pieces which embody that spirit while paying a great deal of attention to fabrics and details.


In a nutshell, you need clothes and accessories that you can rock from the office to the bar and beyond. Our job is to make sure that you look great, so you can focus on the things you really want to do, that matters to you. To be the best version of yourself, a Rockstar.

Kasperi Kallio, AD & Co-founder of Black Spot Merch.

Kasperi Kallio

Santeri Horst, CEO & Co-founder of Black Spot Merch.

Santeri Horst


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