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Age: 23

Hometown: Turku

Education: Last year of cultural management at HUMAK

What’s up?

I’m good, thanks for asking! I am trying to finish my studies and seeking for work on the field of culture and events during this freaking pandemic…On top of that nightmare my car broke down yesterday. But on a brighter note, thank God there is beer and friends to light up the mood.

How do you pass your time?

In addition to studies and trying to bust my ass off in order to graduate I also work as a freelancer behind the camera. My grandparents have had a camera store, so I guess it’s in my blood. Although I think that my enthusiasm for photography has also lot to do with my rather active painting hobby. Within that realm I have filmed and taken pictures of my friends painting as well.

How did you become a part of BSM?

I have been great friends with Santeri for a long time and we have worked together in club promotion in the past. We do also share the love for painting, so when Santeri pitched me the idea of BSM and he wanted me to become part of that and bring my cameras I was sold.

What inspires you when it comes to clothing?

Cool things. I like to keep it simple and dark when it comes to colors.

What are your wardrobe essentials?

Black beanie. Black pants. Black BSM hoody and pair of Karhu’s.

Best BSM product?

I would say that varsity jackets in general! And then the Waterfall hoody from our own range. I totally fell in love with the whole imaginary in terms of film pictures as well as the video we shot in an old abandon tile factory last November.

Best thing about the company?

Definitely community and DIY mentality. The whole idea of bringing people and creatives together with the tribe like vibe really turns me on.

Has there been any misconceptions on you journey that you could tell us about?

Oh shit! It was late night last February, when we had wrapped a photoshoot at our HQ and we were almost heading home. Until after importing “all” the photos to a hard drive I noticed that half (8000) of photos were missing. I thought that we were fucked, and till this day I don’t know how it happened. We basically spent the night downloading all types of different software’s, that would recover our images. All’s well that ends well, we got it all back, and just slept a bit less that night. On top of that, what dare I say here, there is room for a few misconceptions between Bar4 and Dynamo over the years.

What are you listening right now?

I have been listening to The Holy’s new album Mono Freedom.

Name one album that you would take with you to a desert island?

Jay Z; Resonable Doubt

Favorite food?

I’m a spicy man so something blazing! I make descent Indian food so something like that.

What do you order in a bar?

Jaloviina and Henkka Westons; go hard or go home!

What would be your artist name?

Dj Khallio

How would you describe your colleges?

Have you seen the film Dumb and Dumber?

Guilty pleasure?

Italo disco

Favorite movie?

American Gangster.

Any last words?

Hi mom!


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