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Age: 23

Hometown: Turku

Education: 3rd year of BBA

How’s life?

It’s ok, I guess. It has been a quite year so far with all this pandemic mayhem and whatever. It buggs me out a bit, because we had pretty much expectations for this 2020, but it sucks for everybody, so I guess I can’t complain. I’ve had a blast with my mates. So, in general life is as great as it can be. One just has to enjoy the small things in life, like a pot of coffee…

What do you do?

Well I like to take pictures and film my friends while they are doing some weird stuff. Probably not the most creative way of photographing but capturing, nevertheless. On top of that I do like drawing as well as painting on random surfaces. Beside my studies at the UAS, I work at a multi-brand clothing store to pay the rent and by night I do this thing called BSM.

What motivated you to start a clothing company?

Well to begin with I would say that there weren’t too many interesting things happening. As it’s said in our story the lack of things, we liked drove us to start our own journey as entrepreneurs. The biggest motivation was to bring something new to the table. My studies weren’t too inspiring either so I had this huge urge to just do something. Something well thought out, bigger entity. I thought that, if we would do something ourselves, we would get reference to how hard it would be to make things happen.

We wanted to try creating something else, a different approach to the whole clothing brand idea. In this small town we live in, we could easily break the genre limitations and work as one. Instead of us three having our own little click, we wanted to bring all our friends together and build an outlet for all the cool things we do.

Culture and clothing go pretty much hand in hand. We wanted to promote the culture, all our friends who are mastering their craft. At the end of the day it's all about the culture. As we have talked before, we hardly do collaborations, but instead we do things together with our mates.

It took maybe six months for us to figure out the brick and mortar for the brand. After research and developing the idea, these three knuckleheads started to brainstorm on a one drunken night at my place, how we would actually gonna do it. We shared values and the vision for the brand that would then eventually become the Black Spot Merch. we know today.

Why do you find clothing so fascinating?

Simplicity and stories. I love the idea of having just the so called ‘key’ pieces, like a bloody movie or video game character. I like simple things, like the classic jeans and tee combo, a type of practical and easygoing silhouettes. Simplicity is essential to menswear in general and I freaking love it, we are such a simple breed. I think it’s important to have one’s own unique style and pieces of clothing, that make your friends recognize you from the crowd. Pieces that define you and your style.

Although I love the history that comes with vintage clothing, I do also like the possibility of creating your own story to your wardrobe. Like jeans for instance, they go with me wherever I go, and they experience the same things I do. Every rip and stain tells a story of its own. In terms you can reminisce all the ups and downs you have encountered in that specific pair of jeans. Through those memories you can cherish those clothes and they start to become more than just a piece of cloth, they become a piece of you and your story. This also applies to vintage; you can always add your own chapter. Those stories are the definitely the ‘why’ I think clothes are so fascinating.

Do you have any wardrobe essentials?

Straight forward; jeans, tee and a hoody. Simple things no big logos or anything. Things that define my style are probably military jackets and 501s. Especially US army jackets have been a somewhat weak spot for me. You may notice this also when looking at our collection. I kind of collect them. That's sincerely cuz I love how stylish and practical they are, as well as the fact that they go with everything. US Army's M65 field jacket (picture) may be the most copied jacket out there, and that’s no surprise, it’s a perfect jacket and a classic! Plenty of pocket space and street credibility all packed in one, an icon worn by everyone from Wu tang to Rambo.

Best BSM product?

Well when it comes to our own merch, Waterfall hoody and BSM cap most definitely are on my roster. But if I think about our collection in general, I would say that the US Army M65 field jackets and 501s are the ones, who could’ve guessed.

What are you listening right now?

I have been listening to My own mess by Skegss.

Name one album that you would take with you to a desert island?

The Boss - The River

Favorite food?

Burrito accompanied with nachos, that was easy.

What do you order in a bar?


What would be your rapper name?


Best thing about BSM?

These guys! Doing things together with my mates and creating new things and learning, it's quite a trip and it has just begun.

Guilty pleasure?

Early mornings at library stairs.

Favorite movie?

Pulp fiction.

Any last words?

Have a nice day!


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