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Not just a shop: art, a place to listen to music, a place for coffee... to promote wellbeing, to ‘put the world to right’ god knows it needs putting right...

Echo Dek is a concept store & art space in the heart of Turku. Showcasing among others, new and exciting London & UK based designers and creatives. If you're looking to buy an exquisitely designed tee, limited edition print, to sell your own art or even to catch a DJ set, you've come to the right place. Echo Dek encompasses a way of life ethos where design and people can come together as one.

'We are always on the lookout for new and inspiring concepts. Working with small batch designers, our stock changes depending on the season and what we’re ’into’. So drop by and see what's in store.'  -Mark

We have started a collaboration with Echo Dek and switched our web store pickup point to Mark's store at Maariankatu 10. On top of the pickup, we also have a curated rail exclusively available at the store.


Tuesday–Friday 11am–6pm

Saturday 12am–4pm

Mark does also have a web shop!



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