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Come and join us to celebrate the post-summer Saturday pop up with live music and a couple of brews!

Our very first own pop up will be on 17th of October at Ravintola Blanko, Turku. Our next merch drop will be exclusively available at Blanko. We'll bring a great selection of vintage jackets and tops to suit you misfits. And as a friendly reminder every vintage item is only one of its kind, so catch your mates and come early...

On top of the merch there will be live music! Eetu Kujala is responsible for the live and Jodi Wild and Dj Honda will do the disc jockeying for the night!

We will launch our next merch drop exclusively at BLANKO!





Ravintola Blanko

Aurakatu 1, Turku

Here is a small sneak peek what's coming with us to Blanko...



Maybe the best way to describe Eetu and his music is, if Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against The Machine had a baby it would most definitely sound like mister Eetu Kujala...


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