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On next Thursday will be dropping a humongous batch of vintage military merch at the store. Bunch of timeless US Army classics like M65 field jackets, BDU woodland jackets, MA-1 pilot jackets, 80's OG fatigues, USMC sweaters and Royal Navy pants and a lot more. In following article we'll go the distance and tell you a couple of fun facts about vintage military garments.

As you may have noticed almost every major pop icon throughout the decades from Keef to Marvin and even guys like Kendrick Lamar have realized the level of sophistication and comfort that comes with military rags. That's no coincidence.

Staple pieces like tees, were originally issued by US Navy somewhere around 1913 as a standard undergarment. MA-1 flight jacket is another great menswear staple originally developed by Alpha Industries in the 50's as a lightweight, waterproof, and warm update to the leather flight jackets. The list could go on and on, a basic rule of thumb is that we guys would be running around naked if we didn't have military garments to begin with.

Military uniforms have had a huge impact on a counterculture and all kind of UG scenes from raves to train yards. Since next Thursday you will find stacks of these menswear's cornerstones from the store. We've made a list of reasons below why we think vintage military clothes are so damn dope!

1. They are made to last a harsh combat circumstances and that’s why they’ll endure our modern-day lifestyle as well.

2. Thanks to military contract system, we can date almost every piece of camouflage and fatigue. And on top of that, the old patches and insignias can tell us interesting stories and even the name of the former owner.

3. Their heritage. Almost every clothing brand till this day copies the old army designs from tees to trench coats. But have you ever heard a cover track which was better than the original? They may've been good, but better...

4. Clothes are made by the local factories. For instance, the US Army tees and USMC sweaters were made in Kentucky, Tennessee.

5. Presence of military garments in our dearly beloved pop-culture. It doesn't even depend on the genre, from Rock n' Roll to Hip Hop almost every major playah have been wearing military rags in some part of their career. Although they are made for war, they've been worn by pacifist and they served as an official uniform for the whole anti-war movement during the 60's and 70's. Those historical elements make military garments maybe one of the most controversial pieces of clothing.

6. Vintage military garments are sustainable from three point of views: fashion, quality and environment.

7. When buying a vintage military piece, you are buying a part of history.

If you are still not a stalwart of military drapes and wondering if we're full of it, we have also curated a small moodboard below including some fashionable individuals and misfits.

Peace, BSM


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