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Age: 23

Education: Student of Social Services

Hometown: Kuusisto

How’re you doing?

I’m okay nothing too special. This is the toughest time of the year for me thanks to this bloody darkness. I have lot of spare time on my hands now, because the football season just ended, so I spent my time trying to figure out what to do. And then of course I’m aiming to graduate next spring. So basically, I’m searching for motivation to study.

What do you do?

On my past time I hang around with my mates. Rest of the time goes by playing some warzone, disc golf and my guitar. Oh and of course then I do also play offense in PIF at second division.

How did you and BSM meet?

Well it was rather dull autumn winter 2018 and we were hanging a lot at Santeri’s place drinking beer and talking shit. We started to dribble with the idea of offering clothes that would have a certain feel and a great price point. We basically wanted to provide something that we could honestly be proud of and stand behind. We realized that we shared pretty much the same taste in terms of style. Style, that would then eventually evolve to one bigger entity, a brand.

How do you build up your wardrobe?

I like colors. Colors are the core element in my style. I have this pretty simple code of conduct, where it states that one should wear maximum of three different colors. Nah...just kidding I don’t have such thing, but I do like the idea of three colors where one is dominant.

My wardrobe essentials consist of this dope bright red corduroy jacket by Ralph Lauren, that I bought while we were digging for gems at den curated by this cool dude called Retromies. On top of that jacket I like to wear my raw denim jeans by Nudie Jeans, that I’ve just broken in. Then to spice thing up I love these white linen t-shirts. On my feet I like to have these white leather Docs with straps. Like in my essentials I have that jacket which is dominant and then the blue denim and white t-shirt. It is basic in men’s clothing, color coding I mean.

On top of the colors I like details. That is the one thing why I fell in love with vintage. It can be the smallest of things like button carvings, but those details really ties the outfit together in my mind.

Best BSM product?

BSM Cap for sure! And vintage pants with loose fit. Anything with details basically.

Best thing about BSM?

For me the most valuable thing in BSM, is definitely the community and friendships around it. I really like the way we do the things and the atmosphere with the dudes; we can really be ourselves, have fun and crate these new cool things.

What are you listening right now?

Caribou; Never come back

Name one album that you would take with you to a desert island?

Daft Punk; Homework.

Favorite movie?

The Intouchables

Favorite food?

Indian food.

What do you order in a bar?


What would be your artist name?

King Qunta

What are the best qualities in your colleges?

Trusting on their own capabilities and passion.

Guilty pleasure?

Living at my parents

Any last words?

See you on the other side!


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