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  1. Every piece is unique 

  2. It’s sustainable 

  3. It’s better quality than todays mass production 

  4. There is a story behind every item

  5. It has more character

  6. It’s Rock n’ Roll

50's US Army Wool shirt

(Korean War Era)

An almost 70 year old shirt. Yet a style so many brands/designers copy til this day. It was originally issued to US Army troops in the 1950's as a version of the utility shirt for cold weather.

Note the lower chest pockets and beautiful seam details on the shoulder area.

The fit is boxy and shorter in length so you might want to pair it with pants with a regular or high waist.

80's NIKE TRACK SUIT This 1980's Nike Oregon track suit is Made in Denmark. This colorful suit reminds us of gangster flicks and GTA Vice City all of which took place in 80's Miami. What makes this piece special is its condition and the fact that both the top and the bottom are together. 


90's Arlington Martin High school football sweater is a timeless classic made by Jerzees.

Like most vintage sweaters, this is rather short so it goes nicely with a pair of pants with higher waist or another classic; Levi's 501.

Fun fact about Arlington High. It was the school where Bobby Hill from King of the Hill series studied. 


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